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33Equity is a leading M&A advisory firm for the software-tech and IT-services sector, supporting clients across Europe and North America. Armed with industry experience, corporate finance expertise, and battle-hardened M&A negotiation skills, we are uniquely equipped to realize the maximum value for our clients.

For founder led businesses and fast-growing disrupters, we have a proven track record in raising capital with the best conditions and ultimately achieving exits. We advise private equity-owned businesses on either buy or sell-side transactions. In addition, our vast and varied experience also includes acting for publicly listed companies on various transactions such as divestitures of subsidiaries or acquisition of target companies.

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We have worked with companies of all sizes in the technology sector. Our experience teaches us that executing winning strategies in complex M&A transactions is a total team effort. We pride ourselves on being team players and relish the opportunity to join forces with members of our client’s team and together execute a winning strategy.

The best business owners and managers know when to bring in external expertise to prepare them and set them up for a successful outcome. Do not hesitate to contact us for a free exploratory call where we can exchange our vision, experience, and learn from each other.

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M&A sell-side advisory

Our large network of connections provides us with an unparalleled and discreet access to a vast array of investors and buyers all around the globe. This allows us to keep the M&A process strictly confidential while looking for and having active dialogues with potential partners for your business.

To ensure the needed expertise and efficiency, our team consists of corporate finance professionals as well as former entrepreneurs from the software industry. Due to this distinct blend of skills, we are uniquely positioned to understand the value drivers of your business and to convincingly demonstrate to the outside world why your company merits their attention.

M&A buy-side advisory

We have access to business owners and management teams of software-tech and IT companies across the world. Our longstanding track record in and focus on the sector enables us to quickly recognize if companies (including their technology and solutions) are of value for your business.

Through active dialogue and as trusted independent advisors, we gain insights on business dynamics, ownership and future plans. We can create easy entries and make an early assessment of the potential fit and synergies with your business. Do not hesitate to reach out if you like to stay close within our network.

Your virtual M&A department

M&A as tool in achieving your business objectives: M&A is a powerful tool in achieving your business goals. Examples are acquisitions for business growth, divestures for strategic refocus, buy-outs to involve new shareholders, or strategic partnerships for market leadership. However, M&A is also time-consuming and intensive and can thereby be a distraction for management from running the business. We can work as your virtual M&A department to achieve your business goals.

Our professionals help you explore M&A opportunities on a non-binding basis. Through analyses and market sounding, we explore how M&A can be of value for you and how you can become M&A ready without running a full-fledged process. So, when the right partner knocks on your door you are well positioned to maximize the value of your business. Our virtual M&A services extend your radar on the market.

Financial advisory services

We provide a broad range of other corporate finance services specifically focused on the software and IT sector. Whether you would like to understand the required capital to achieve your envisaged growth or to have a valuation of your business, our professionals are there for you. Our financial advisory services include:

  • Cashflow and financial modelling
  • Valuation services
  • Business plan validation (e.g., when moving from licenses to a SaaS)
  • Management advisory

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Apollolaan 151
1077 AR Amsterdam
The Netherlands

T +31 (0)20 303 5555
M info@33equity.eu

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Join our team of motivated and ambitious colleagues, be directly involved in national and international M&A transactions, and benefit from our bonus system. 33Equity is an experienced M&A advisor focused on the software-tech and IT-services sector, based in Amsterdam but working with clients all over the world. We offer great opportunities to operate and advance alongside accomplished deal makers and entrepreneurs.

Due to our continuous growth, we are currently looking for people to join our team in Amsterdam. We offer a great amount of hands-on deal experience, strong sector focus, allowing you to become a well-rounded professional and expert in the field.  We are looking for people that are motivated, eager to learn, and are passionate about M&A transactions in the software tech sector.

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We offer the opportunity to gain experience in M&A as a full member of our team in Amsterdam through a work-along internship of 3 to 4 months. Flexible hours and a dynamic and international work environment make this role unique for students and recent graduates who are interested in a career M&A.

33Equity is an experienced M&A advisor focused on the software-tech and IT services sector, based in Amsterdam but working with clients all over the world. As part of our team, you operate alongside accomplished deal makers and entrepreneurs to gain the full M&A experience.

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